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  • Customers like
    • Being able to discuss the stock with other people 2
    • Investors hub ntek board 1
    • Ntek hangout board 1
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    • That the company promotes scams 3
    • Biased manipulation 2
    • Way they run it 2
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Moderators of boards are paid entities who illegally spread false and misleading information under the protection of free speech. IHUB has multiple legal cases brought against it constantly. When complaining to the company about moderators you get nowhere and nothing is ever done. Its easy to see why once you created an account there is no way to delete it. If their advertisers where able to see how many of their user base leave, they would... Read more

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One Sided opinions by the moderators who are also the bashers. They delete your post when you ask them to provide links..but yet they are suppose to be transparent...BS. They need to shut it down or get rid of the bashers..our just deleted the post that uses obscene language or threatening language ..but to get banned or get your post deleted just because you ask a question is beyond...this is the land of the free not the land of one-sided ... Read more

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Its setup like a board for people to have opinions on a stock in reality its a sheep in a wolves coat. This company pays people to bash stocks on a 24 hour a day 7 days a week schedule. They are there to make you lose money every single stock in the world is a scam according to them and they will not stop until they drive each investor into the poor house. There are better communities to talk about stocks then this sham of a place. Do... Read more

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I called this practice out on 2 of iHubs boards. The biggest pumpers in the room were all moderators. After major sell offs and the subsequent pps drop all of the moderators were silent. I noticed even that some of the bashers were on the same pages as the moderators and they seemed to argue the same points between eachother on various different companies boards (like they were working together) I would even venture to say that there is a high... Read more

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I have been visiting the Investor Hub site for over 10 years now and I'm so glad that there has been a consumer compliance site developed. There is an on-going destruction force of Paid Bashers set up to take down public companies . I would not even think twice about a bunch of bashers making derogatory remarks but, for new companies trying to build up its very difficult . Especially if they do some Due Diligence and simply Google the company... Read more

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After becoming IHUB Investor for many years, I have decided to ALERT all innocent, honest and good folks on the following points. 1) Firstly, check-out below on the Creditability of IHUB Investor: Matthew Brown, jailed operator of the Investors Hub website, has... Read more

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iHUB facilitates and promotes the manipulation of stocks by permitting undocumented slander and blocking users with different evidence. From my observation, and in my opinion, Investors Hub has created a perfect venue for the free and open operation of criminal stock manipulators who seek to swindle independent low-price stock investors out of their money. Investors Hub (or IHub, as it's called) allows organized groups to take over individual... Read more

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IHUB is still allowing it's moderators to bash stocks to drive the spreads, and as far as I am concerned I think the FTC needs to look into IHUB for illegal activity. You can't report a moderator because if you do you said something bad mentioning someone elses name and they have a stipulation in their guidelines that states you can't say anything bad about anyone else. They been busted once for stock manipulation and I think it is time they get... Read more

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There are posters on the forum who do nothing but post flat out lies about the stock, give out bad advice trying to sucker people into buying shares. If you try to debunk the claims, or point out that a certain poster had posted that the stock was going up for 8 months straight(while it has constantly gone down) as a warning to other investors - these posts are deleted as "personal attacks" or "off topic". These posts are deleted by the same... Read more

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IHUB orchestrates & encourages personal attacks by key staff members, orchestrates pump & dumps; & has even been convicted of scamming investors. GET REAL! They prey on novices for clicks & are mostly flippers & scalpers targeting novices for playing price spreads at novices expense. The advertisement click traps are all over the place, & it's obvious what their intent really is! Use Yahoo instead. At least it's not... Read more

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