InvestorsHub - Ihub is paid by Hedge Funds imo

Here is a PM (Private Message)from a basher who uses the alias "LIABLE".For anyone who does not believe hedge fundsdon't short otc stocks and pay bashers.Here is an admission of it.I would not post this, but the basher admits to it, and that should be proof enough for anyone.---------- Forwarded message ----------From: xxxxxxxxxxDate: Friday, February 15, 2013Subject: Look !To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFriday, February 15, 2013 4:40:36 PMWhat are your true motives here ?Everyone has a motive ..Mine is obviousWhat's yours?And how do you get to send private emails without a premium account ???You work for ihub ?File Msg | Remove Msg | *Private* ReplyliableFriday, February 15, 2013 4:54:12 PM"I work for a fund that shorts otc stocks.

They pay ihub a great deal of money, so I get a few perks."(Things are not what they seem at IHUB.They censor the postings of the regular everyday stock investor, and give them numerous posting restrictions, but totally support the hedge fund agendas because of the revenue that they provide imo, as per the above posting of an admitted hedge fund shill.)

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Aug 17, 2013

iHub member "liable" was being facetious in his reply. His member pages shows his occupation as "Naked Shorter for renowned Vancouver bucket house, Franklin, Andrews, Kramer & Edelstein." Google "Franklin, Andrews, Kramer & Edelstein." "F.A.K.E." was created as a parody of an offshore paid bashing firm by a Raging Bull poster with the ID of "gang of 1000" in the mid 2000's. Back then there was a hilarious website that, despite being an obvious parody to most, some people took seriously.

Paid bashing is a myth perpetrated by stock promoters to try to discredit stock penny stock skeptics and critics similar to the myth of massive shorting of penny stocks by market makers and hedge funds.

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Jun 18, 2013 Atlanta, Georgia



Bashers rely on fear and the badgering of human psychology! Consider the elderly that are investing for retirement, they find their way to the message boards for validation only to see false posts about “SEC Violations” and “Class action suits”… posting continuous disinformation… what do you think these new investors will do?

The Internet has lured a whole new class of investor into the market. A new investor is just that – New! This new investor, while learning the basics, is particularly vulnerable to the tactics of professional Bashers. Why Message Board Bashers Bash Stocks

You must always remember that their is a lot of money to be made in just the motion of a stock UP or DOWN it doesn’t matter! And Bashers have money at risk just as you do. But they have the edge of fear, lies, and falsehoods to post while preying on the un-initiated. The average investor dose not have the edge of organized deception.

Recent revelations have indicated that even Market Makers (those charged with keeping the playing field level) have been involved in stock manipulation by Bashing on a stock message board. HAVE NO DOUBT THAT THIS IS A REAL THREAT!

Lesson 1: Remember, BASHERS NEVER Bash A BAD STOCK. Check the boards for stocks with no potential. They never have any Bashers.

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