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I am member from Ihub since 2 years and now I finaly decided to stop anymore contribution there for a lot of reasons .

One the the most important is that some admin seems to be racist and critic your post when you dont use very good english grammar .

Also they remove posts without warn you and when you post back they simply lock your account that you pay for it or not .

You not free to say your feeling there and the most scandalous is the way they use to remove your posts and comments when they dont like what you say .

Posts just disapear without any explanation .

Also they suspend your account then publicly make fun of you.


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Just experienced their lack of freedom of speech. I posted a positive article about a company in which I believe, and it was deleted.

I responded to the negative post that made fun of the author who wrote the article with his real credentials. It was deleted. I appealed to the admin to no avail regarding these posts. One admin told me "Messages containing links to or quotes from old posts are deleted because, more often than not, they are simply a mechanism used to embarrass the original poster." My post was simply a response to his.

No embarrassing remarks, etc. The mods quote positive posters all day and respond to them in a very demeaning manner, but their posts are not deleted. I do not pay for their service and never would.

It's obviously a totally unfair board with admins who follow their own rules and not the terms of service rules.


BTW, I'd tell you this just as quickly on Silicon Investor, and I'll tell a microencephalic twit this extremely quickly: There IS no "freedom of speech" on such websites. The First Amendment applies to governments and nobody else.

These sites are not democracies. They're benign dictatorships if you're lucky. But I can on SI or any Admin can on iHub, if they suddenly decide to, delete every post not containing the word "purple". And are under no obligation to tell you that's a new rule.

Would we?

Of course not. But no matter what such a site does, they're gonna *** people off.


I'm a competitor of theirs via my site Silicon Investor and, as that disclosure would make many realize, I'm iHub's former President and CEO. I left in 2009, but because I'm too used to being the alpha male wolf entrepreneur. Some, but very few, policy reasons.

To characterize Better Investor Boards' comments as intentionally libelous or stunningly ill-informed would be too kind.

Do you suppose a briefcase labeled with a ticker and the word "tout" or "basher" arrives from time to time and whoever delivered the most recent or most filled one (Benjamins only, please) gets their way?

The mods often aren't neutral. The mod usually started the board and more often than not is long the stock. I used to have a real problem with them squelching the negative posters for not reason other than their being negative, but structured things to make that far less of a problem. One way was by having the payroll populated far more by Administrators (they outrank Mods by a huge margin and are paid by the company to enforce not their opinions but the site's rules).

But, yes, if you want to spend your money elsewhere, such as Silicon Investor, by all means, feel free. I dare ya! LOL

iHub has the far superior platform, btw, though they've chugged a wee bit too much of the Facebook koolaid and indigestion's gonna hit bigtime in several months.

Bob Z.


These guys take money from all sides of the game: the small investor, the promoter, the basher, etc.

It's easy to tell who ponys up the dough with them. Watch a room for a week or so and you'll see a certain 'direction' form. When the check comes in fro mthe other side, they start restricting the players from the first side in responding to false information and outright lies. They even remove moderators from boards without telling the board why.

Spend your money elsewhere, better platforms, better (and more honest) discussions elsewhere.

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