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I have to agree with the other posters. Everything I read in these post, I've seen happen time and time again on Investor Hub.

I really can't see how they're getting away with it and no-one apparently is even trying to regulate it. This site is really nothing less than a scam site. I would advise anyone who uses the site to be very careful of who they listen to or what they believe. This site is notorious for pumping by a handful of individual stock promoters and they have probably too hundreds of not thousands of individual investors for boat loads of pennies.

I can tell you from experience, They allow only what they want to be posted to be posted on this site. Once you realize what is happening, it's relatively easy to spot. The same names posting by the hundreds of thousands of post sometimes, promoting handful of worthless shell company stocks at a time up and down, up and down bilking people out of no doubt millions of dollars. Most of these stocks come up quickly and disappear just as fast.

What most people now refer to as a "Pump and Dump".. I would be very wary of using this site for investments of ANY type. You're going to get bit. I believe that most of these so called moderators are working several boards at a time.

You can follow their screen names and see them running from one stock to another posting "Shes ready to ruN" or "We're going to PENNY LAND" .. Thinks like that all day long. Just to pump their stock to the front of the IH line and get the name out. They never last long.

They run strictly off of fake news and fabricated news releases and press. It really should be illegal and like most of the other posters, I can't understand why some legal entity doesn't step in and stop this. It's apparently clear to anyone who has used the site and become prey to these schemes within a short period of time how these scams " pump and dumps' are carried out.. Apparently clear to everyone but the LAW or they just don't care.

I just read where one of the guys involved in this site went to prison for 4 years. In my opinion there's others that should be in there with him. They stay on the site day and night using one screen name after another. They sure won't allow investors to use more than one screen name but if you read the comments on these stocks, you can see a pattern of who / what screen names are involved and I'm quite certain in most instances they will trace right back to the same individual or group of individual stock promoters.

They shouldn't be called "stock promoters' , In my opinion they should be called criminals because that's what they are..

Scammers with countless victims who are being sold stock in one worthless shell company stock scheme after another being promoted and enabled by the site and individuals running the site itself. If it ain't illegal, it *** sure should be because it certainly isn't a "victim-less crime"

Product or Service Mentioned: Investorshub Finance Forum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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