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In reply to Pissed Consumer request, "NO" is my answer regarding I-Hub contact or responses at this date and time. Not only have/are they censoring persons, but I have been put on an indefinite ban from JC Penneys Board which I have been a long time Shareholder; and recently even contacted their Board to look into lies & misinformation and bashing practices of I-Hub and entities they DO NOT ban nor stop from doing so 24/7 (UpTickMeASAP for instance) and its supposed Moderators/Administrators who are in some collusive scheme to destroy companies and their stock.

If they even do respond, it is in child-like replies with derogatory remarks to me, yet they use aliases and not real names I as I when contacting them to file a complaint.

And if I even try to say list myself as a Moderator of a board which I am a Shareholder, they deny me doing that and say I have to wait 30 more days to re-apply??? After hundreds of internet consumer complaints I have read alone, something needs to be done investigating I-Hub in general as they are actually creating a financial terroristic attack on sound compnanies and SEC filings and spreading fear and misinformation to others who may be considering purchasing stock or similar in them, and all of it simply to drive stock prices down and into de-listing by an exchange and eventual bankruptcy!

Original review posted by user Sep 10, 2018

As of last week, I, as a Shareholder of ARYC stock in my portfolio, was all of sudden banned by I-Hub Moderators, then an Administrator, when all I posted was a factual statement regarding being a shareholder of record. They now banned me until September 20, 2018 !!! WTF going on with I-Hub and Free Speech, especially from a Shareholder of Record??

And trying to contact their Administration has seen (2) childish responses posted on I-Hub private message board which I cannot even respond or reply too; yet I am banned from a board still for a stock which I own tens of thousands of shares in my portfolio !!

Anyone reading the Board right now will see certain individuals who seem to try to manipulate it and feed false info to others and this needs to be stopped by Feds !!

I can be reached at for copies of docs and proof of my own situation, now this being 2nd time within a month I-Hub has banned me from a Board which I am a stockholder of said security ! It seems if you go against or argue with a supposed Board Moderator, you get banned, yet the Moderators seem negative on a given stock !!?? I even had individuals I tried to have a TOS reported on and it never happens, yet that same person constantly degrading the company and its shares and continues to post derogatories...

And what angers me more, is i just received e-mail from ARYC's own CEO/Corp regarding my contacting them earlier to look into the ARYC Board and what is going on there as something very underhanded and dubious certainly is going on with/by those who run/control I-Hub and the type of censorship they are applying out there to others in a way to "game" and control factual information from being reported by Real Shareholders to benefit other younger novice Investors..

Very weird, criminal algorhythms being used suspected as well as simply childish responses from I-Hub Admin people when you try to reach them. I in fact, have one such response from them basically making fun of me and calling me a child !!?? No ethical, professional site/business responds in this manner and SEC as well as FBI Internet Fraud Center needs to be looking into the entire I-Hub system today and I am here to aid in any way to stop this type of blatant manipulation and fraud they ere trying to do and keep under wraps... FTC as well as it seems the very things going on with Twitter, face=book and other social media as far as censorship is going on here wiht I-Hub regarding US securities market.

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Don't point out the obvious or be sentenced to >The sheriff office >The Jailhouse(JAIL) What a joke..


I totally agree. On the Message Board of BLSP, the stock is about to make a phenomenal movement in price going up and there is a Moderator who has admitted he knows nothing about penny stocks.

This Moderator is only there to bash the company in everyway possible even saying that the industry can not survive as a whole. In repeated conversations with this moderator, he finally confessed to me that in the retail world, outside of stocks, BLSP, Blue Sphere is a former client and now his competition. Ok, this moderator is competing with BLSP and says the bio-energy can not survive?!? I have lost my previlege to post to contest this moderator because when I challenge him, it is "Off-Topic".

How is it off topic when both me and the moderator are referring to BLSP? Also, I see other moderators and members posting on this same message board about going to Las Vegas or South Beach for the weekend. How is that on topic. I Hub will always take up the cause of the basher who trying to short a stock in order to day trade.

IHub will never see a penny of my money!!! I vote with my wallet.

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