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Now I-Hub has banned me until Sept. 20th from posting information of ARYC stock on their boards, when in fact, I am a Shareholder of tens of thousands of shares of that stock.

Besides that, I received e-mail response from ARYC's very own CEO a few days ago to me sending them a concern letter to look into I-Hub and their stock Board regarding the company as something very haneous and underhanded is being done by those who work for I-Hub. I even received response in PM from an Administrator but I cannot respond to him/her and even a Moderator, and the replies from this site are so childish, no reputable professional company would reply the way these individuals have to myself who is a shareholder.

Just like what we experienced last month on JCP stock and a 72 hour ban there right before earnings release!!

I-Hub seems to allow repeated stock bashers and derogatory posters over real shareholders, and if you try to argue or contact them, you get banned in some fashion for a TOS violation which never is stipulated !!!

RE: the ARYC board, here is list of supposed "Moderators" who seem to control that board and need to be looked into: Moderators: techmover, BZstocks, DDStocks, HighYieldStocks, Mykkus, SK510

SEC, FBI and even FTC need to look into I-Hub, as enough complaints have been filed from many persons who experience what we are, and it seems what is going on with Censorship abuses on Facebook and Twitter, etc are going on with Investorshub site regarding US listed securities and against real shareholders' of them...

I can be reached by e-mail at

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