Every time I try to post a warning on iHub about a Penny Stock being promoted, Admin deletes the post saying it's "off-topic." It's not enough that the founder, Matt Brown served 4 years for stock manipulation. See (http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/investors-hub-ihub/internet/investors-hub-ihub-david-lawrence-ironridge-stock-manipulation-bullying-investors-int-1113767) .

They continue to promote worthless penny stocks, usually OTC-Pink. When will the SEC step in and protect investors? As long as you are promoting a penny stock that is being "pumped" the post can stay. If you offer research showing that there is a concern that the company may not be an "on going concern" the post gets deleted.

Follow Penny Picks and Penny Titans and you will start to see the correlation between iHub and Penny Stock pump and dump scams. I've been watching it for over a month, and iHub is deffinately a partner in the "pump and dump" scams.

Reason of review: I want to protect new learning investors.

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