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Investors Hub is a very biased website. They claim to be an unbiased website forum where anyone can post things about different stocks.

However, the Moderators of the forums constantly bash the stocks and anyone who has good things to say about the stock on the forums they are supposed to moderate. This wouldn't be an issue if they allowed everyone to do this, however they remove posts saying anything negative about the bashers or the bashing, or anything positive about the stock that is "not on topic". In fact, they delete anything that they don't deem as "appropriate" or "on topic", which according to their mod rules can really be anything that is not a hard and fast proven truth. But again, these rules don't seem to apply to the mods or the administrators.

Any opinion that does not seem to match theirs is deleted within minutes.

They constantly call the stocks "scams" without giving any proof, but other posters can't argue without getting deleted.

My advice, go to Yahoo Finance or another truly unbiased forum, stay clear of IHub!

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I am hearing the SEC is now looking at them again. I believe there may be some major legal issues for that group in about 12 months time, rumor is the SEC already has a great deal of info on them - it takes about 1.5-2 years before they can subpoena for trading records but its coming folks!

I suspect some will be going to prison.

If you read past comments prior to Minimar none of them expected anything to happen, complete hubris and stupidity, they thought their TOS protected them, until their founder got 4 years!

Second time it happens, well it gets worse for those involved when it comes to sentencing.


On2-addict the worst mod basher

On ihub and deleter of positive posts..

He/she is nothing less than a pos!!


On2-addict is the biggest Basher

Of them all,,,, why is it he can delete any positive post from others

And he can bash away at free will ,

That mod on3-addict is a real pos


The boards are overrun with paid bashers and pumpers making them unusable when trying to sort through their spam for valid info about stocks. They exploit and are protected by the Terms of Service so commenting on this results in your posts being removed.

iHub is an utter ***-show lacking any code of ethics. Highly recommend avoided it.


Ihub is a scam someone should go after them and shut them down, they are criminals.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #705915

I was banned from the HUB after complaining to "Shelly" about being replaced as a mod by a basher!

That company board has been destroyed as there are 3 longs and 3 bashers as mods. Totaly battlefield.

We moved our group to InvestorsHangout.

Check it out.

Free PMs and unlimited posts. I hope they put the hub out of business.


Ernest , one of the worst paid bashers on IHUB! He ruins good companies , deletes posts etc , Douglass Hass is his real name !


I volunteered to mod a board on iHub. No pay and all grief. And the *** the Admins, especially Admin Dave, dishes out to protect bashers is unbelievable.

Per their own rules all posts have to be about the board topic. So far so good.

Until a group of bashers who, along with iHub, lost a court case in Canada and had to pay tens of thousands of dollars for posts made by bashers against companies, companies who were the topic of the board!

As a board mod I was first warned then, without warning the very next day, to stop removing posts. These posts CLEARLY were in violation of iHub's posting guideline rules.

After researching what seemed to be a major contradiction with iHub Admin Dave and a basher named Fire Lane I learned the probable reason:

Fire Lane was bashing a company that engaged in a merger with a FL based company called MinaMar. MinaMar joins shell stocks with companies that want to go public. This is a fast track for a private company to get listed. It was MinaMar that took iHub to court and won the case against iHub and bashers. Fire Lane was one of the biggest losers in the case.

My posting activity is now being watched like a hawk on iHub along with stocks who are working with MinaMar to form a merger and become listed on a stock exchange. It seems to me that iHub allows these bashers to say anything they like about the stock. When I removed their posts that violated the posting rules the bashers complained and their posts were restored by iHub Admins. However, when my posts were complained about the an iHub admin removed my posts and any and all attempts to have my post restored fell on deaf ears. Not one of my posts were ever restored.

There are people who are very good at researching companies and post their findings on iHub. However, it is not a "fair" posting ground for all.

Beware of what you read on that stock site. Believe none of what you read. iHub allows one account per household. However, to get around this all a person has to have is more than one IP address. Ya, you will need to have more than one Internet provider to obtain this. Some bashers have over a dozen IP addresses. So you could engage in a conversation with more than one person never knowing you are talking to the same person, a basher.

One more thing...iHub has a site where they say that, "Paid Bashers" is an urban legend. Paid bashers are real. iHub is not there for your best interests. The creator of iHub is in prison for stock security crimes.

Google ihub fire lane and you will get an eyeful of web links which is where some of the information from this post came from.


I cannot find any place on the IHub site to cancel my free membership. IHun SUCKS!

They are BIAASSSS!


Report Ihub fraudulent activities to the Judges who have orders against them to cease and desist. Their criminal activity suppressing posters and pump and dump activities must be stopped.

The Judges involved with similar cases are Sue Robinson in Delaware and Krodshadt in California. Report the violations to the Judges who already sent Matt Brown to prison.

Google Ihub Matt Brown sentenced and you will find their information since I can't post a link. We need to put the current list of Admins behind bars where they belong since the last ones are now doing time.


This forum is exactly as everyone says... you can not present facts that are against the moderators agenda you will be deleted and banned. It is a joke unless you are just watching to see what stocks are being pumped!


The ihub founder Matt Brown was indicted and convicted of stock related offenses. Even though its claimed that iHub now belongs to someone else, if you go to the godaddy registration page for the investorshub wen site you see Matt Brown listed as the forum owner.

The investor hub forum seems created for the specific purpose of criminal activity concerning stocks. The admins were chosen by Matt Brown. Its true, they go to great efforts to remove posts which are counter to the bashers or pumpers.

If a stock is being pashed, and you say anything positive then your posys are removed, if the stock is being pumped and you say anything negative then your posts are deleted. They have forum moderators for some of the pink stocks which are actually company officers for the stock being pumped by them.

Investors Hub is sothing but a group of criminals whos main aim is to manipulate stock prices via influencing public sentiment, shorting, and insider trading, the stock.


I have noticed this! It is INSANE how biased they are, and how they do not follow their own TOS quidelines and rules.

It makes me sick, and I was a new poster there for the past few months, until I saw that happening. What a terrible forum.

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