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Investor's Hub is a giant criminal misinformation network. STAY AWAY at all costs.

There are much better options for getting DD and reliable information other than this place. It preys on new and uneducated investors by putting users and placing moderators of boards on the site designed to cause chaos and scare investors in selling low priced shares so they can sell at a higher price and make money. When you buy into a stock that gets pumped and starts to make a movement where the pps moves in a positive direction, they swoop in and start bashing the board with misinformation and falsehoods to drive the price down causing a panic selling. YOU LOSE MONEY while most of these same people short the stock and MAKE MONEY on your loss.

Look for another site to get reliable information.

IF you do decide to use this site, DO NOT GET A PAID SUBSCRIPTION HERE. It is NOT worth your hard earned cash.

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