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This group knows what they are doing. In many cases the public does not. They are masquerading as a forum. Which is a place to share information, opposing opinions etc. With the amount of traffic they get, they COULD be in a great position to provide truth.

Anyway, it is very clear that they are taking money from pinksheet companies to help bolster the share prices. They employ cheerleaders to post ridiculous claims and price targets. They delete posts from people with valid questions and points. They use the "ibox" as a way of broadcasting hollow claims of value (dd) on selected companies. The list really does go on and on.

I think it is very clear that this site is using their traffic to promote selected stocks with falsified information. The only logical reason is a partnership or contract with those companies.

I can't provide much proof here, but I would advise that you read the posts there with extreme skepticism.

Product or Service Mentioned: Investorshub Forum.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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San Jose, California, United States #828807

You got it right. If you ask real questions they delete your post.

It's all about cheerleading to suck you into an empty shell company so insiders can dump shares. It's a lot of complaints about bashers but that's who you trust.

Alpharetta, Georgia, United States #779565

IHUB is everything that others here have said. They tolerate bashers while deleting posts which try to correct their fraudulent info. On one board that I participated in one poster violated almost every TOS item--and they made him a moderator!

Avoid IHUB like the plague.


I would guess that if someone checked their personal accounts and the actions the owners take on the site you would find a bunch of front loading by the owners in certain stocks. I think they should be investigated by the sec.


i agree , i quit ther paid service because of the way they treat customers , the admin verbally abuses you if you re not up to theirchildish demands

meantime their moderators get away with profanity ,racism etc

to me that company is run by the k.k.klan


looks like you got it sized up pretty well

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