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I paid for a month subscription, and my status was revoked 3 days later. I was no longer recieving the fully paid member status, and was demoted back to the free account status. Free account status limits your posts to 3 per day, and you don't get to use the paid subscription services such as Search, Advanced Search, Private Messaging, etc.

I never got my money back either. I asked them for my money back, and they said no. I told them I would file a paypal dispute, and they laughed in my face and said they had Paypal in their pocket. So I filed a complaint with the credit card I had paid for the service with. Luckily, I use AMEX, and they have THE BEST people on the team. InvestorsHub.Com, Inc. then started to back track once I had mentioned the complain with American Express investigations team.

They replied, "A cc fraud inv. team for that???"... Like killing a subscription and not returning the money is normal..

I hope these bastards burn in *** for how much money they are ripping people off.

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