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Investorshub - Total scam 2 of 2 people found it helpful
don't trust this site or anyone on it.My opinion is that it is a total scam. Real investors don't use this site, it's designed to scam and screw the average investor. Beware of all the BS on this site. I agree with other posters about the paid pumpers. And if you leave a negative post about a stock, it will probably be deleted. This is not, and I repeat, NOT AN OPEN FORUM, it is a scam filled with people lying to you and trying to ***. Stay...
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Absolutely pathetic at IHUB with mod's taking bashers side along with always deleting the truthful posts and always letting bashers keep their posts.I don't see this site being around much longer unless the novices keep it up and running. You will get banned for trying to stand up to a mod or a basher. You will figure out who the paid bashers are and remember they get paid whenever you click "reply". DO NOT reply directly to them only stay on...
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There are crooks on IHUB,they have ties with MMs and are on the phone with them when a run occurs. there are little words that signal sell and planted "members" that post during a run and then poof disappears .There are paid bashers there who love to destroy stocks like SRGE for their personal gain.I've seen it over andbover again.Wheras as on Ihangout we always post the truth!!We never pump worthless scams or try to manipulate these wonderful...
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I didn't like
  • Bashers
Whenever you disagree with any of the self appointed moderators you are instantly deleted or banned.I placed one post on the SQNM board that just pointed out PUMPER STUMPER was wrong on another board and banned. Totally IDIOTS. NO MORE POSTING Unbelievable that the moderators ARE posters on the board. Sort of says the fox is guarding the chicken house. Especially since PUMPER STUMPER can post whatever her little heart desires on both IMSC and...
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One Sided opinions by the moderators who are also the bashers. They delete your post when you ask them to provide links..but yet they are suppose to be transparent...BS.They need to shut it down or get rid of the bashers..our just deleted the post that uses obscene language or threatening language ..but to get banned or get your post deleted just because you ask a question is beyond...this is the land of the free not the land of one-sided ...
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I didn't like
  • Abusive no freedom of speech manipulative immoral ihub investor
  • One sided
  • Biased manipulation