I love IHUB!! As long as you stay on the topic of the stock for the board you post then you are fine.

IHUB doesn't tolerate personal attacks, vulgarity, violation of privacy which is what most posts removed consist of. On the NTEK board it is very fair. Problem is most NTEK supporters get angry when confronted with facts and start posting violations of IHUBS terms of service instead of engaging in constructive debate. Investorshangout is IHUBs rival and on their NTEK page anything negative said about the stock is removed while complete lies are posted as truths.

On IHUB whether it is positive or negative as long as you stay on topic(the stock) it remains up and is not removed. IHUB is and should be the standard for stock message boards.

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Must work for ihub. If you post any general information how how market manipulation works put in context of particular company, you will be deleted. Try three times you end up in ihub jail, 1 post a day and probation.

Fresno, California, United States #1318533

I find this to be false.

I post on a board were good honest post are deleted for stating facts about the trade.

Absolutely frustrated with ihub.

Admin is not fair. The have an agenda.


Problem is they let the fox in the hen house. Many of the boards have a moderator that is also a pumper of the stock. Any facts to the detriment of the share price gets deleted.

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