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Manipulating site for shortseller groups to game the market illegally!

This site is not friendly to anyone who is a real invested shareholder into any US company (including retirees of company's with said stock in same), and is highly manipulated with crooked Administrators and Moderators (as they are called), who can continually violate their own TOS rules to game a stock, to negatively drive its PPS down to benefit of others shorting the indice. Recently as a 15 year member (I am registered with other investor discussion sites too), I have been given private threatening messages form I-Hub Administrators, limited to 1 post per day "indefinitely" for companies my family has been invested in for years, to other bans. Yet they allow wrongful posts by the same people and misinformation repeatedly 24/7 by same characters and anyone can plainly see this double standard. I have had filthy private messages sent to me, yet I am forbidden to be able to reply or respond? I am also one of the many Shareholders in the C11 JC Penney case who is represented by an Equity Committee Legal Team, and involved in hearings even, yet forbidden to post anything I know direct from those public hearings and court documents? ONLY negative postings seem to be allowed in that case or continual attacks on those who even try to post anything positive...? I and hundreds of others have filed so many complaints over the years about I-Hub and its motives and Operators, but nothing ever seems to be done about it. it is very corrupt site with ulterior underlying motives. I will even go as far as saying, my business has spent a lot of monies in past for suspicious hackings/viruses on our supposedly secure system, and it seems to be tied back to I-Hub- which I feel each time anyone signs into that site, some type of complex algorhythm worm/virus/ other actually allows I-Hub people to know private information about you in every way, including how much you have in your investment accounts, positions of certain stocks, etc as patterns develop over time with them, which you can clearly see, seem to happen as if "someone" on I-Hub knows exactly what position you may be in as an investor (long) and that information relayed to major shortsell organizations to use to further drive a certain stock deeper into negative, and even into bankruptcy... It should be a useful resource for all retail investors. It is NOT a fair, open exchange of investment discussions and needs to be investigated by SEC and FBI and DOJ even, for its criminality related to US securities markets, even as it is so evident there are haneous underlying reasons for the site, and it should not be.

User's recommendation: Be very cautious what you reveal regarding your investments.

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WORST place for retail investors