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Update by user Sep 18, 2018

Received (2) varying responses via I-Hub from unnamed Administrators which you cannot reply to or respond in any fashion, and sound like some child made them up defending I-Hub. Most important, is yesterday, did receive confirmation from the SEC, that they are now involved and moving forward compiling complaints against certain I-Hub stock boards and investigating ...

Original review posted by user Aug 19, 2018

After 15 years being member of this resource site, and having countless problems in past regarding certain boards, it seems like this site is used or controlled in some manner to the benefit of large shortseller groups who only relish at destroying solid company PPS; instead of being true invested shareholders of record. And to this fact, use and manipulate the real stockholders' data and positions in a way to fully exploit shortselling events.

Most recent for myself was last week regarding JC Penneys (JCP) stock and certain SEC filings and news stories, as I (any other shareholders) were banned from JCP board all of a sudden until sunday 8/19/18 on that day when it was massively short attack and over 84 million shares killing the stock.

I/we were not allowed to post anything positive, and only negative bashing and responses obliterated that Board all day.

I do KNOW many years back the original Administrators were part of SEC undercover investigation then and people went to jail over trying to game the system so to speak and used I-Hub for such shortselling attacks.

And about 3 years ago, I myself along with some other Investors, aided SEC investigators and FBI Crime Lab in DC, in another individual (Chris Esposito) of Lion Share Ventures, at the time, was also using I-Hub to orchestrate a securities fraud regarding a certain stock ( RBRM-LGBI-LGBI) and he and some associates were charged. Now today I find something "weird" again is going on in my experience with I-Hub and regarding JCP stock which I am a shareholder of, and a couple recent e-mails I received from I-Hub and its verbiage responses to my complaint, sure make it seem like there is something there than needs to be investigated fully in its operational premiss..

I didn't like: Seems to be a site with ulterior motives to securities markets.

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I totally agree. On the Message Board of BLSP, the stock is about to make a phenomenal movement in price going up and there is a Moderator who has admitted he knows nothing about penny stocks.

This Moderator is only there to bash the company in everyway possible even saying that the industry can not survive as a whole. In repeated conversations with this moderator, he finally confessed to me that in the retail world, outside of stocks, BLSP, Blue Sphere is a former client and now his competition. Ok, this moderator is competing with BLSP and says the bio-energy can not survive?!? I have lost my previlege to post to contest this moderator because when I challenge him, it is "Off-Topic".

How is it off topic when both me and the moderator are referring to BLSP? Also, I see other moderators and members posting on this same message board about going to Las Vegas or South Beach for the weekend. How is that on topic. I Hub will always take up the cause of the basher who trying to short a stock in order to day trade.

IHub will never see a penny of my money!!! I vote with my wallet.

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