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Update by user May 28, 2018

Investor hub has a big problem and it not only effected me but i know other posters that are fed up with the liberal bull manure ! The moderators on the free poltical board are just obama and hillary clowns that have no use for other opinions .

The other people i know just left and i was banded for providing proof that i was correct ! I have seen post on other sites where posters were complaining about IH and just reading and past experence they left for a good reason

Original review posted by user Apr 28, 2018

What a joke , it is run by a few liberal obama and hillary *** , you can not say anything against obama or hillary or you are out no if or buts about it . These people control the free poltical board like it is there personal website and poo on you or any republican supporter !

Someone from corporate should check out the den of crooks and give them the boot !!!

I have seen posters on other sites complain about the BS that goes on on investors hub and have left , people do not like liars . The people are tired of the crooked dems and the last election showed that , just wait till the next election , if you thought Trump won big in the last the next will be a monistor win

Product or Service Mentioned: Investorshub Forum.

Reason of review: none.

Preferred solution: kick the liberal moderators out on the free poltical message board.

I liked: Good site.

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You have right wing blinders on. Ihub is all about organized securities fraud.

They will conspire to steal from you even if you are a gun toting bible thumper. They are not prejudice.

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